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Practicing kayak in the Terradets reservoir

Today we went kayaking with some friends to Cellers. A fantastic holiday ecosystem around the Terradets reservoir.

Ivan from Zenith Aventura, very nice, from the first moment he has tried to motivate us

"It's very windy. You don't have to pay now, you try it and if you see that you are not succeeding, you come back."

In any case, he gave us an accelerated course on how to go kayaking, which allowed us to reach the initial goal of Roures beach with some ease, which gave us the confidence to risk a little more and give it that touch of adventure that makes make the day special.

Afterwards we have gone to have lunch at the Terradets hotel that gives us a wide variety of options, restaurant, buffet and cafeteria with swimming pool.

perfectly synchronized
Paddle surf
The beach of the Roures


Carretera Balaguer, Tremp, C13, Km75, 25631 Cellers, Lleida, Spain
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ActivityFor ChildrenKayakingLleidaPallars JussàSportsTerradets

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ActivityFor ChildrenKayakingLleidaPallars JussàSportsTerradets

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