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Restaurant of Hostal Montsec - Santa Maria de Meià

It is a restaurant with two floors, not too big. The one below with a pool table and the one above with some large windows that make it somewhat noisy. There is also a terrace that overlooks the pool with free access for customers.

The cuisine is current, the coffee and the desserts were very good. The fact that only one meal is served at each table (at least on the day we went) invites a gathering, there was a very good atmosphere between the tables.

As restaurant customers have free access to the pool, it is an ideal place for a family with children or a group of friends.
Rating Evolution on Google
Month/Year Rate Number of reviews
March 2023 4.6 121

Santa Maria de Meià

The Romanesque-Renaissance church

Rural retreat center

Some impressive walls

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Carrer de l'Església, 3, 25736 Santa Maria de Meià, Lleida, Spain
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HostelLa NogueraLleidaLodgingMontsecMontsec de RúbiesPoolRestaurantRooms

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