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Eth Brèç Pastry Shop - Vielha

The pastry shop is below the Aran - La Abuela hotel, and you can find the best selection of pastries and specialties from the Aran valley.

It really looks like a place for Lilliputians, it has a very small entrance and you have to go down some stairs below the street, the ceilings are not high and there are no windows, but it is very good and has a good ventilation system.

We went several times while we were in Vielha, for breakfast, for a snack and to play board games.

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Av. Castiero, 5, 25530 Vielha, Lérida, Spain
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Gastronomy Pastry Pyrenees Val d'Aran Vielha

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Gastronomy Pastry Pyrenees Val d'Aran Vielha

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